M&M Perrottis Butcher Shop, Catering, Prepared Foods, Far Hills, NJ

Butcher Shop, Prepared Foods, Catering, Home Made Sausage
Butcher Shop, Prepared Foods, Catering, Home Made Sausage

M&M Perrotti’s Prepared Foods
is rooted in a rich family tradition stemming from their parent location, Perrotti’s Quality Meats in Cranford, New Jersey. Started by two Italian immigrants, Mario and David Perrotti, back in 1967, it has become an icon to the surrounding communities. From its beginnings as a simple butcher shop, it has expanded to a mouthwatering resource of prepared foods. Each recipe is subjected to the rigorous palettes of family members before being incorporated into the large array of housemade foods.

M&M Perrotti's Caterers

Just forty years later, keeping with tradition, the next generation of brothers is following in the footsteps of their father, Mario. Brothers Mario and Michael are devoted to continuing the commitment to quality and service that has been instilled in them from the first Perrotti by opening their own shop in Far Hills, New Jersey.

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Be sure to try M&M Perrotti’s housemade Italian Sausages. Butchered, seasoned, ground, & incased by us, for you. Delicious!


Far Hills, NJ Butcher

Beef, Poultry, Pork, & Deli.

Our meat distributors work in conjunction with us to provide premium beef, poultry, and pork products. We will provide our customers with any cut of meat that you can imagine. Just ask. If we don’t have it that day, be assured that we will do our best to have it the next.

We carry a full line of Boars Head Brand products along with other premium deli meats and cheeses.

We envision serving a more environmentally and health conscious product to our customers and communities through the use of natural products. In the future we will continue to take steps to enhance our products by supporting the local farms of Northern New Jersey.

Home Made Sausage.