Married Soup

Grab a mop, because I'm about to spill some knowledge…

You're probably familiar with Wedding Soup, the distinctly Italian amalgamation of tiny meatballs, escarole, and tiny pasta simmered in chicken broth. This modern staple finds its roots in an ancient Neopolitan soup called minestra maritata, which literally translates to "married soup." It drew its name from the marriage of its primary ingredients, leafy vegetables and meats.

The story behind the dish is actually quite charming, and if you'd like to check out a more in-depth history of minestrata maritata, I highly recommend checking out this blog and this article. We won't be covering that here, because 2016 saw the team at Perrotti's create some great marriages of our own.

Pat and Laurie

Pat and Lorie (1.17.2016)

A couple of babes.

Susan and Justin

Justin and Susan (8.13.2016)

On any other day the preacher is telling these two loverbirds to take their PDA and scram.

Mike and Gabby 

Mike and Gabriella  (9.4.2016)

Hold on to my handelbar mustache, babe, it's gonna be a hell of a ride.

Reflecting on all the marriages we've seen on staff at Perrotti's this year, Michael found himself inspired to create his take on Marriage Soup. It's a synergy of meats and veggies that will take you on a flavor odyssey, and we'll only have it on the shelves for a limited time.