We offer a wide selection of restaurant quality meals made from the finest ingredients to take home. The following foods require little to no cooking time. We prepare them fresh and fully cooked for your convenience. We are proud to use only natural ingredients in all of our housemade products. Let us be your personal chef! Below is just a small sampling of the delicious prepared foods we have for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

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Chicken Tenders


Breaded cutlets $9.99/lb


Grilled cutlets $10.99/lb


Parmigiana $12.99/lb

Breaded Bell & Evans chicken cutlet, mozzarella, housemade tomato sauce

Romano $12.99/lb

Thin sliced Bell & Evans chicken cutlet, lightly coated with romano cheese & flour, white wine lemon sauce

Murphy $13.99/lb


Marsala $12.99/lb

Breaded Bell & Evans chicken cutlet, mushrooms, marsala sauce

Tenders $9.99/lb


Hot wings (1 doz.)$6.99/lb


BBQ wings (1 doz.)$6.99/lb


Buffalo meatballs (1 doz.)$9.99/lb

Veal Marsala


Breaded cutlets $16.99/lb


Marsala $16.99/lb


Parmigiana $16.99/lb




Chops stuffed $5.99/lb

(Pan seared)

Chops breaded $4.99/lb

(Pan seared)

Baby back ribs $8.99/lb


Sausage & peppers $9.99/lb

Hot or sweet

Pork loin 'n gravy $10.99/lb


Potato & meat pie $8.99/lb


Rice balls $7.99/lb


Parmigiana $11.99/lb


Seasoned Meat


Meatballs (1 doz.) $8.99


Turkey meatballs (1 doz.) $8.99


Meatloaf 'n gravy $9.99/lb


Stuffed cabbage (4 pieces) $9.99




Eggplant parmigiana $9.99/lb

Flour fried eggplant, mozzarella cheese, housemade tomato sauce

Eggplant rollatini $9.99/lb

Flour fried eggplant, seasoned ricotta, mozzarella, housemade tomato sauce

Parsnip puree $4.99/lb


Broccoli rabe $7.99/lb

Housemade chicken stock, fresh garlic, vegetable oil, salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper

Sautéed spinach $7.99/lb

Housemade chicken stock, fresh garlic & shallot, vegetable oil, salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper

Broccoli florets $4.99/lb

Blended oil, fresh garlic, salt, black & cracked red pepper

Stuffed artichoke $4.99/lb


Honey glazed carrots $4.99/lb

Baby carrots, honey, salt & black pepper

Sweet potato soufflé $3.99/lb

Sweet potato, brown sugar, vanilla

Potatoes au gratin $9.99/lb

Idaho potatoes, vermont cheddar & American cheeses, bread crumbs

Cauliflower au gratin $9.99/lb


Mashed potatoes $6.99/lb

Idaho potatoes, sour cream, cream cheese, half & half

Potatoes oreganato $7.99/lb


Potatoes & hot vinegar peppers $6.99/lb


Grilled vegetables (seasonal) $9.99/lb


Fried zucchini $7.99/lb


Pasta e fagioli


Pasta e fagioli $3.50 pt / $6.99 qt


Chicken orzo $4.50 pt / $9.99 qt


Pure vegetable $3.99 pt / $7.99 qt


Joey’s kale & bean $7.99 qt


Seasonal yellow split pea $4.50 pt / $8.99 qt


Butternut squash $4.99 pt / $9.99 qt


Beef barley $4.99 pt / $9.99 qt


Meat chili $5.49 pt / $10.99 qt


Chicken chili $5.99 pt / $11.99 qt


Beef stew $11.99 qt


Chicken noodle $9.99 qt

Jars of Sauce

Homemade Sauce

Marinara $3.99 pt / $6.99 qt / $10.99 hg


Spaghetti $3.99 pt / $6.99 qt / $10.99 hg


Meat $3.99 pt / $6.99 qt / $10.99 hg


Vodka $3.99 pt / $6.99 qt / $10.99 hg




Housemade macaroni salad $4.99/lb


Housemade potato salad $4.99/lb


Housemade cole slaw $4.99/lb


Summer salad $4.99/lb


Three bean salad $4.99/pt


Angie salad $9.99

Mixed greens, strawberries, dried cranberries, pignoli nuts, goat cheese, lime vinaigrette

Angie salad $12.99

with chicken

Angie salad $14.99

with flat iron steak (seasonal)

Caesar salad $5.99

Romaine hearts, housemade garlic croutons, Caesar dressing

Caesar salad $8.99

with chicken

Chef salad $9.99


Greek salad $9.99


Greek salad $12.99

with chicken

Bruschetta $6.99/lb


Tomato, cucs & mozz $6.99/lb

Tomato, cucumbers and fresh mozzarella

Tomato, & fresh mozzarella $6.99/lb


Baked Ziti


Lasagna $11.99

Cheese, meat or spinach

Stuffed shells $8.99

Large shell pasta, seasoned ricotta, mozzarella, housemade tomato sauce

Stuffed rigatoni w/peas $8.99


Baked ziti $7.99

Penne ziti pasta, seasoned ricotta, mozzarella cheese, housemade tomato sauce

Rigatoni bolognese $9.99

Rigatoni pasta with housemade bolognese sauce

Orecchiette, rabe & sausage $12.99

Housemade Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, orecchette pasta, pecorino romano cheese

Fettuccini alfredo $7.99


Cavatelli & broccoli $7.99

Cavatelli pasta, broccoli florets, pecorino romano cheese

Manicotti $8.99

Manicotti skin, seasoned ricotta, mozzarella cheese housemade tomato sauce

Pierogies (8) $8.99

Handmade pasta, potato, sour cream, cream cheese

Cheese ravioli $7.99


Mac & cheese $6.99

Cavatappi pasta, white & yellow Vermont cheddar & American cheeses



Rice pudding $3.99/lb


Sfogliatella $1.50/each


Small cannoli (8) $7.99


Small chocolate cannoli (8) $11.99


Small mixed cannoli (8) $9.99


Homemade carrot cake  $3.99/slice


Homemade cheesecake $3.99/slice


Chocolate chip cookies $3.99/3-pack


Biscotti $1.99/each